The Biology of Parenting

and supporting children

FREE online series 9th-12th July 2021

For parents, caregivers and any people working with children

Our biology drives, shapes and influences all our experiences and behaviour, and our children's development. Join us to discover what's really going on below the surface and get solutions that make a real difference and nurture regulation, resilience and healing!


Parenting is the most important job in the world.

... and it can be the hardest job in the world too!

It's so much harder than it needs to be if you don't know what's REALLY going on below the surface for you and your children, don't know how the nervous system works and develop, and don't know about trauma and the ways it impacts everything.

  • We ALL have a nervous system that drives, shapes and influences everything we think, feel, say and do (and don't), and the ways we look at and relate to the world around us, our experiences and ourselves.
  • ALL of us and our children have gone through some kind of trauma - even if we don’t think we or they have - and we’re all living through traumatic times.
  • So we ALL need to know about the nervous system, and about trauma at this core level. Our nervous system is our biology. Trauma is held in the nervous system and becomes our biology.

Not knowing disempowers us and our children, and keeps both us and them stuck, struggling and suffering... through no fault of our own.

Especially when most approaches and solutions miss out essential pieces of this puzzle, and most people and professionals around us and our children don't know this stuff yet!

That's why we're running this free online event.

When we understand human biology, it changes the way we look at, relate to and navigate everything:

  • We can feel more empowered, confident and at ease within ourselves and with our children.
  • We can cultivate more compassion for ourselves and each other.
  • We can show for and support ourselves and our children in the best possible way.
  • We can nurture regulation, resilience and healing, both within ourselves and our children.
  • We can create real lasting change in our lives, in our families, and for our children.

And both we AND our children can truly THRIVE... even through challenging or traumatic times.

So we truly hope you'll join us for this revolutionary series!

What you'll discover at the Biology of Parenting series:

  • Why caring for and supporting children - and ourselves can be such a struggle, and the Paradigm shift that's needed in our families, systems and society
  • Why "getting calm" isn't the goal and can make things worse, especially over time
  • What trauma really is, how it impacts development, behaviour and health, and what predisposes us and our children to trauma
  • Our body's drive for survival and how it keeps us stuck (plus fawning, fitting in and masking)
  • Why we need to understand behaviour instead of trying to change, control or prevent it, and the missing pieces of the puzzle that change everything
  • Preventing and overcoming burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary trauma
  • The keys to living, working and parenting with more confidence and ease, raising happy, healthy and resilient children, and breaking cycles of trauma.

What you'll get during the event:

15 x Talks based on cutting-edge science

Every day you'll get 5 x pre-recorded talks from your host Sian Hill, of around 30 mins each, that you can watch for free for 24 hours, with replays on the 4th day.

Facebook Group and LIVE Q&A sessions

We'll be answering your questions, and guiding and supporting you throughout this event in our private community, where there'll be daily LIVE Q&A sessions.

Gifts and downloads to keep forever

The building blocks for development & healing, Roadmap for nurturing, supporting and healing yourself and any child, and Trauma Awareness Guide.


Join our 4-day online event for FREE

9th-12th July 2021


Sian Hill is a therapeutic coach, educator and relational trauma specialist who teaches parents, caregivers and professionals how to tune into the nervous system and body so they can understand, support and nurture themselves and their children with confidence and ease, heal trauma at the deepest level, and whole families can truly thrive.

Most importantly, Sian is a single mother of three young people who all suffered complex trauma, and experienced trauma throughout the first 35 years of her own life. She brings unique insights, deep understanding and a revolutionary approach from a combination of her lived experiences, extensive study and training, and working with hundreds of parents and professionals. She breaks down neuroscience in a way that's easy for everyone to understand, and provides education, resources and support that make a real difference and create lasting change.

Sian is on a mission to create a trauma-informed society where all people and children and their needs, experiences and differences are seen, supported, and valued, in safe, nurturing and nourishing environments, where they can fully and freely be and express themselves.